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    • Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones had to limp off the field with a hip flexor injury in the second quarter of their 23–17 loss to the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday, but he’s not going to be on the shelf for long. In fact, he might not even miss a single game.

      According to ESPN, the four-time Pro Bowler is not expected to miss any games at all with the hip injury because the Falcons don’t have to return to action until Oct. 15. The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time because it would give Jones the opportunity to recover from his injury.

      Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has also confirmed that the injury wasn’t serious and Jones should be back soon.

      “For those of you guys who have covered the team for a long time, you would know that Julio Jones is a faster healer than the average cat,” Quinn said, via ESPN. “What may take someone four [weeks] may take him two. What may take another person one, he may be ready way quicker,” he added.

      He also told reporters that Jones actually wanted to return to the game last Sunday, but they decided not to put him back in because his hip was clearly bothering him.

      “He had trouble just exploding, and if he can’t be him, that’s a unique thing for him. The speed, the explosiveness — so when he wasn’t able to do that, that’s when we had to pull him. He definitely wanted to go,” Quinn stated, according to ESPN.

      Meanwhile, wide receiver Mohamed Sanu suffered an injury as well last Sunday and the hamstring strain will likely keep him out of the Falcons’ game against the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 15. However, he’s expected to make his return when they take on the New England Patriots on Oct. 22

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