• Yankees rookie Aaron JudgeNew York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge struck out in the eighth inning Sunday against the Boston Red Sox, extending his record to 37 consecutive games with a strikeout.

    Judge, facing Boston reliever Addison Reed, struck out swinging, bringing him to 0-for-4 on the day. The Red Sox won 5-1.

    Judge has 167 strikeouts this season, the third-most in a single season in Yankees history and the second-most in the majors this season; the Twins’ Miguel Sano leads the majors with 170 strikeout

    Girardi said he’s still got faith in the presumptive AL Rookie of the Year, adding, “It’s not like we have a lot of people that are hitting very well.”

    Said Judge: “It’s a little frustrating, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t pout. You can’t cry. You just have to keep working and move on.”

    On Saturday, Judge broke the record previously set by Montreal Expos pitcher Bill Stoneman in 1971, for the longest strikeout streak in a single season by any player.

    The rookie’s 37 straight games with a strikeout is also tied for the longest streak over two seasons. Stoneman struck out in 37 straight games spanning the 1971 and ’72 seasons.

    Judge struck out three times in Saturday’s game, marking his 13th game this season with three K’s, tied with Curtis Granderson in 2012 for the most in a single season by a Yankees player since 1920.

    Judge has struck out in all 15 games he has played against the Red Sox this season; he is hitting .155 and has only one home run against Boston.

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  • The 49ersSANTA CLARA, Calif. — The San Francisco 49ers got a much-needed change Wednesday when they hosted the Denver Broncos for the first of two days of joint practices ahead of Saturday night’s preseason game.

    After it was over, the Niners were pleased with what they got done against the Broncos.

    “I tried to perch myself right there in the middle and it was like a tennis match going back and forth,” general manager John Lynch said. “I tried to watch just as much as possible and really, I know that’s a playoff caliber team and so you want to see ‘How are we measuring up?’ It’s a practice. But I was proud of the way our guys competed on both sides of the field and on special teams. It’s a great measuring stick and it’s a great opportunity for our team to go up against one of the deeper rosters in football and see how we stack up.”

    When the Niners and Broncos had similar practices in Denver last year, the 49ers seemed to be well behind the Broncos. But that didn’t seem to be the case in Wednesday’s workout. The 49ers held their own against coach Vance Joseph and Co.

    Both teams were in full pads and they were able to test each other beyond the confines of a normal workout.

    “I think players get excited and the juices get flowing a little bit but when you practice against each other all the time, our defensive players are calling out our offensive plays all the time,” Lynch said. “You know the audibles, so you are going up against something where it’s not scripted. You don’t know everything they’re doing so it’s true competition. It really is as close to a game as possible.”

    And while many of these practices often feature a major skirmish or two, the Niners and Broncos made it through this one without any real issues. The only problem arose when Niners rookie defensive back Adrian Colbert delivered a big hit to Denver tight end Steven Scheu. That led to a short altercation before the sides were separated and Niners staff immediately went to Colbert to get him to settle down. After sitting out a few plays, Colbert was back in the mix and the Niners made amends with Joseph and general manager John Elway.

    The 49ers and Broncos will have one more practice together on Thursday, though it won’t be a fully-padded session. This is the third year in a row the teams have worked out together and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon given the ties between the likes of Lynch, Elway, Shanahan and Joseph. In fact, Lynch wouldn’t mind adding some other teams to the mix.

    “(Patriots coach Bill) Belichick has done three this year,” Lynch said. “In the future, I don’t think you can get enough of this, if you can handle it like that. If it becomes a melee, it becomes very unproductive. I really commend both coaches for getting their teams right because when it is right, it’s the best thing you can do.”

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  • SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Despite other players around the NFL continuing to protest racial inequality and the racially charged events taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid does not intend to resume kneeling during the national anthem this season.

    Reid explained why after the Niners’ Monday afternoon practice.

    “I think for me, the anthem thing went so sideways — it kills me that it went the way it went because that’s not how we intended it to be,” Reid said. “You guys know what we were trying to get accomplished with that, but I think for me personally, [I'll] just keep talking about it, whether that’s social media or you guys talking to me or whatever events I can make it out to during the season just to keep raising awareness on different topics to hopefully make that change that we’re talking about.”

    Reid was the first player to join quarterback Colin Kaepernick in his protest during the national anthem last preseason. He first knelt next to Kaepernick before the team’s final preseason game against the San Diego Chargers. Reid and linebacker Eli Harold joined Kaepernick in kneeling for the rest of the season.

    Throughout the 2016 season, Reid said he hoped the protest would spark conversations that would lead to change at the highest levels of politics. After the season, Reid said he believed those conversations had started and that he intended to stand for the national anthem in 2017. Reid and the rest of the Niners stood for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the team’s preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday night.

    Reid has also kept in touch with Kaepernick, going so far as to attend his “Know Your Rights” camps in Chicago and New York City this offseason. One of the topics the pair discusses is when and where Kaepernick will get back in the league.

    Kaepernick opted out of the final year of his contract with the Niners before they were set to release him, and he has yet to sign with another team. The Seattle Seahawks were the only organization to have him in for a visit.

    Reid has paid close attention to Kaepernick’s job pursuits and takes umbrage with the idea that Kaepernick needs to speak out to get another chance.

    “I think that’s ridiculous,” Reid said. “What does he need to say to prove that he wants to be in the NFL? He’s training every day. He’s been to the Super Bowl. He has the tape. What is coming out and saying, ‘I want to play in the NFL’ do? It’s obvious. I think it’s just a diversion, along with all the other false narratives that are out there about him. It’s just something to deflect away from why he’s not [in the league]. They’re trying to put the blame on him for not being in the NFL.”

    Based on the support Reid saw Kaepernick receive during their time together in Chicago and New York, he said he could see signing Kaepernick as a net positive for a team.

    “I would say that their bottom line would go higher with him on the team,” Reid said. “His jersey sales were No. 1 in the league last year during the protest, so I think that speaks for itself.”

    Reid and Kaepernick chatted on Sunday about what was taking place in Charlottesville and, according to Reid, reached a familiar conclusion.

    “I think it’s becoming more apparent for people to see the issues that we’re talking about, especially in the way it happened in Charlottesville,” Reid said. “We’re just hopeful that if we keep talking about it, we don’t let it go away because a lot of people just want things to blow over like, ‘Oh, that’s an isolated incident.’ But it happens every day. If we keep talking about it, hopefully we can make this change. It needs to stop being ‘hopefully.’ It needs to happen. It needs to happen now.”

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  • The New England Patriots have become the first NFL team to buy their own plane to fly to games. Make that two planes.

    Sources tell ESPN that the reigning Super Bowl champions bought two 767 Boeing wide-body jets in the offseason and

    retrofitted them with all first-class seats, some of which recline completely. On the outside of at least one of the planes

    is the team logo and five Lombardi trophies on the tail.
    These planes, depending on miles flown and condition, generally cost between $5 million and $65 million. A source said the

    planes the Patriots bought are extended range, which allows the planes to fly nonstop for about 12 hours.

    A brand-new plane could cost $200 million.

    One plane will be used as the main plane for the season, while the other will be the backup, with flight operations being

    run out of Providence, Rhode Island, sources said. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said team officials would not be

    publicly commenting on the acquisitions.

    NFL teams haven’t thought much about buying their own planes in the past, with only 10 games on the road. But charter

    travel has gotten more expensive over the past couple of years, due to the major carriers starting to retire the bigger

    planes that fly the teams around.

    The bigger planes — which can carry a full team, its support staff and the onerous amount of equipment the team needs on

    the road — are being retired because they are nearing a point in their life cycle where they have to be stripped, fully

    gutted and reworked in order to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration requirements. Airlines like Delta and American have

    chosen to begin retiring the planes instead of going through what would be a cost-prohibitive reboot.

    American said last year that it would no longer fly the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts,

    Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins. At least two of those teams, the Steelers and the Dolphins,

    took their business to charter-only airline Miami Air, sources said.

    The rising cost of chartering flights for NFL teams makes the decision to buy a plane somewhat easier. Sources with

    knowledge of the deals teams have done with charter companies say the 10 round-trip flights per season can cost up to $4


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